Cuban musicians offer concerts from home online, on radio and television


With the suspension of cultural activities in Cuba, as part of efforts to stem the spread of Covid-19 virus, Cuban musicians are looking for alternative ways to share their music in all corners of the island.

Beginning with the performance by Cuban singer-songwriter Eduardo Sosa on 25 March, the joint transmission of online concerts from home #EstamosContigo #MusicosPorCuba is an initiative bringing together several cultural institutions, to support the public message to stay at home  (#QuedateenCasa) to reduce the spread of the virus.

The Ministry of Culture in coordination with Cuban radio and television is supporting  internet streaming of performances by musicians from their homes and concerts in cultural centres that have been shared on different digital platforms – including Omara Portuondo with the Failde Orchestra and the Septeto Santiaguero.

The Ministry’s digital platforms, based in Havana, are linked with Santiago de Cuba, to broadcast encouraging messages from musicians in the eastern part of the country, as well. This effort, a commendable expression of solidarity, is made possible thanks to the collaboration of La Rueda Producciones, Lia Videos, and i4 Films, among many participating in the project.

Several Cuban musicians have also joined the worldwide initiative (#quedateencasa) to offer their music from home via Facebook and Instagram Live, in an initiative called “Tunturuntu pa’ tu casa,” the first totally online music festival organized in Cuba, with David Blanco as one of its main promoters.

Other popular performers have shared their music on social media, in a gesture of solidarity with fans staying home, including M Alfonso, Kamankola, William Vivanco, Eduardo Sandoval, Chucho Valdés, Idania Valdés, Jan Cruz, Patricio Amaro, Ensemble Interactivo, Toques del Río, and Michel Herrera, among others.

The Orquesta Faílde is presenting concerts broadcast live from Radio 26 studios in their hometown of Matanzas, to make music available to those with little access to the internet. Their performances are also shared on the station’s website and Facebook page.

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