Cuban artist Roberto Diago interviewed as he prepares for the Cuban arts festival in Washington DC

When the Kennedy Center Performing Arts of Washington D.C. opened its doors to the arts festival of Cuba on May 8, about 400 Cuban artists were in the US capital, including about 200 who live in Cuba. Of these, only three painters living on the island have the opportunity to exhibit at the prestigious cultural centre: Roberto Fabelo, Manuel Mendive and Roberto Diago. Diago spoke recently about the preparation for his show at the Kennedy Center from 9 to 20 May.

Percussion is my passion: interview with Cuban musician Brenda Navarette

"The rumba is Cuba, we carry it inside. Follow my palms, join me and memorize this chorus… ", says Brenda Navarrete. "And it works, because Cubans can quickly connect with the simple chords of this genre of music, declared Intangible Heritage of Humanity." And in international settings it also works, she says, "because there is nothing better than showing what you are, what you bring in your roots, what is indigenous to your world … Cubans have so much musical and native wealth that it is not necessary to reach out for other things. "

What will 2018 be like for Carlos Acosta? Interview with Cuba's most famous dancer

When Carlos Acosta talks about his company something lights up in him. A light of satisfaction crosses his face to reflect that feeling that only those who see a dream come true experience. The uncertainties of its beginnings have been left behind. Acosta Danza, in its very short life (its premiere was in April 2016), has quickly consolidated within the national dance scene as a company that leaves aesthetic traces that set it apart from the rest. Its line is defined by the integration of contemporary and neoclassical, not excluding other expressions, times and styles of dance.
On the subjects of the projects and premieres of the company, Acosta's return to the stage, the reception by the public and the making of a film based on his life we talked with this dancer, who even when he is recognized both inside and outside of Cuba, has not lost his humility and is still as Cuban as he is unique.

Cuba-US cultural exchanges in steep fall

The restrictions imposed on US citizens by the Trump administration to travel to Cuba in November 2017 go beyond the typical Cold War backdrop. In fact, they accentuate the policy of commercial, economic and financial siege to which the blockade clings, successively condemned by the UN General Assembly by absolute majority. The "hard hand" of the US president, linked to those of US politicians Marco Rubio and Diaz-Balart, not only represents a political change from the techniques of former President Barak Obama, but a new strategy of interference. It shows a natural review of and cancellation of exchanges between US and Cuban institutions.

TV and community high in the mountains – TV Serrano celebrates 25 years

When talking about contemporary Cuban documentary making, you can't ignore the community project in the mountains that has promoted local culture and committed to the welfare of those who inhabit the largest mountain range in Cuba. Televisión Serrana, located in the Sierra Maestra itself, is celebrated its quarter of a century on January 15, a period in which it has managed to differentiate itself from the rest of the island's telecentres by its work and programming. To bring art to the most difficult sites and to strengthen the active participation of the community are two objectives that the project has followed to the utmost.

Want to learn or improve your Cuban style dancing in 2018? List of classes here

Here are some of the many classes all over the country offering Cuban salsa or other Cuban dance classes. We have mentioned where they are taught by Cuban teachers. Of course there are many other dance teachers who are qualified and experienced and will give you an excellent grounding in Cuban dance. We can't vouch for the quality of any of the classes. You just need to try it out and see if it suits you. This is not a definitive list, of course…let us know your recommendations and any that are not already listed. Contact