Jazz has a lot of Cuba in it

The Jazz Plaza International Festival, now moved from December to January 16-21, is taking place at the Casas de Cultura HQ, in Havana's Vedado and many other Casas de Cultura in the capital and also at the Iris Club in Santiago de Cuba. The event, presided over by Chucho Valdés and Bobby Carcassés, has international guests such as Diego El Cigala.

Watch the video: History through Cuban eyes: Noticiero ICAIC

'Noticiero ICAIC Latinoamericano' was a series of cinematic newsreels produced from 1960 to 1990 by the Cuban film Institute ICAIC. The weekly news programme covering major local and global events would be shown before film screenings in the capital, Havana, and in towns and villages around the island.
Many of those 1,493 newsreels could just be derided as propaganda, but they pushed the limits of news, of visual storytelling that have left a legacy.

'JOY' a post coitus concert 10-11 February

'JOY' a post coitus concert is a one woman theatrical spectacle, written and performed by Dina Gordon, who was born in Santiago de Cuba, combining electronic music with lyrical prose, to deal with the politics of heritage and sexuality, with a specific focus on the African-caribbean experience in the western world. the show is presented by collective All Good Artists Are Dead and is part the Vault festival in London.