Washington DC to host major festival of Cuban culture in May 2018

The event entitled 'Artes de Cuba', will bring together artists living in Cuba and abroad, who will make the creativity of the island better known to the American public.

A programme that includes dance, theatre, film, visual arts, design, fashion and gastronomy, will be presented.

The musicians will include singer Omara Portuondo, pianists Rolando Luna and Aldo Lopez Gavilan, Los Van Van orchestra, and residents abroad Dafnis Prieto, Afro-Cuban Experience and Yaite Ramos Rodriguez 'La Dame Blanche', among others.

The work by visual artists Manuel Mendive, Roberto Fabelo and Roberto Diago will be exhibited in the festival; while the diaspora will be represented by Jose Parla and Emilio Perez.

'Artes de Cuba' will present a retrospective in tribute to the 40th International Festival of New Latin American Cinema with the screening of Cuban films 'Memorias del Subdesarrollo' (Memories of Underdevelopment), 'Retrato de Teresa' (Portrait of Teresa), 'Lucía', 'Fresa y Chocolate' (Strawberries and Chocolate), 'Suite Habana' and 'Conducta' (Behavior).

The festival's programming will be paid for by the Kennedy Center in collaboration with the Cuban Music Institute and the Cuban Film Institute, and the National Council for the Performing Arts and the National Fine Arts Council.

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