Best young emerging Cuban artists announced at Post-It in Havana

There were three prizes and three special mentions awarded in the contest. “Tarde para no creérselo”(“Late to not believe it”) by the young artist Luis E. Milan Boza from Ciego de Avila was awarded the First Prize for “the originality and formal quality of the sculptural pieces, which manifest artistic value in themselves as well as in a sense of the concept of the installation “.

The Medialuna duo, composed of the artists Alfredo Coello and Osmani Domínguez, received the second prize with the work “Faith”, “for the balanced, subtle combination between sculptural and artisan conventions.” And with the work “Pastoral”, Michel Chailloux won the third prize, “for the strange but substantial way in which he defends his representative conceptions within the historical genre of the landscape.”

The works “El año del Crocodrilo”, by Yohandrys Suárez (Yohy); “Perplejo”, by Alfredo Mendoza and “After the Rain”, by Ernesto Crespo all received special mention for showing aesthetic and conceptual quality.

The artists collective The Merger presented a further prize to Luis E. Milán for the value of his work in the current environment of the development of sculpture in Cuba.

“The Post-it contest maintains its initial aims, which define it as a project that has emerged to promote the creation of the youngest generations of Cuban artists. The joint work between the selection team and award jury has been a new initiative this year which ensured the continuity of the evaluation criteria of the works presented in the contest, “said art critic and juror David Mateo, during the award ceremony, also composed of Michel Pérez (Pollo), Odette Bello, Gretel Rodríguez Álvarez, Miriam E. Casanellas and Elisa M. López Rodríguez.

Present at the awards event also were the Vice-Ministers of Culture, Fernando Rojas and Guillermo Solenzal, the president of the Association of Plastic Artists of the UNEAC, Lesbia Vent Dumois; Rafael González Muñoz, vice president of the Hermanos Saíz Association and directors of the National Council of Plastic Arts and the Cuban Fund for Cultural Property.

As announced at the awards and closing ceremony, Post-it closed its doors with the intention of returning, now, on an annual basis to continue with its work to promote emerging talent within the Cuban visual arts.

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