One of the best drummers in Cuba now: female band director, Yissy Garcia

Considered one of the best drummers of the new generations of musicians in Cuba, Yissy assured it's a big challenge to tour around important cities within the US sound circuit. She also said the goal of the new group is to be inserted in places and festivals so they can let people know about their work, which is characterized by the fusion between traditional Cuban rhythms, electronic and world music.

Banda Ancha is made up by Jorge Aragon (piano), Aryam Varona (bass), Julio Rigal (trumpet) and El Jigue (DJ). The tour will last up tp March 26, which still have concerts, master classes and open rehearsals in Miami and New Orleans.

Yissy, who recognized the responsibility of directing a group, now doubled in the tour, said the welcome had been favorable in every place they had performed, where the audience danced, said the leader of the one of the first groups in Cuba to earn funding through a crowfunding platform to record its debut album entitled Ultima noticia.

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