University of California proposes restoration of Cuban films

"In the case of Cuba, we were asked to choose the five most deteriorated film negatives, to prioritize them and include them in this program, that suggests not only to restore its negatives, but also print copies in 35 mm, and make others on DCP format with English subtitles, to promote them in several US and other English-speaking nations institutions", as reported to Cubacine by Luciano Castillo, director of the Cinemateca de Cuba.

"Undoubtedly, a film that must be part of this program is Cuba baila, by filmmaker Julio García Espinosa, first motion picture done by the rising Cuban Film Institute in 1959. I also think the film Casta de roble (1953), one of the best ones of the pre-revolutionary Cuban age, by Manuel Alonso, should be included in this program", Castillo added.

This is a very important initiative, which would not only benefit Cuban film heritage, but Cuban cultural heritage as well.

"At times, even a minute of a movie we think it might not have a historical value, it really has it, so, without a doubt it works as a record and testimony of an age", said the official.

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