ICAIC: House of Cuban Cinema in Celebrations

The institution was born on March 24, 1959, as a product of the the first law enacted by the nascent Cuban revolution, with the aspiration of creating a film movement that lead to reflection and social development.

Thus began a period of transformation, learning and rise of a new way of narrating in the seventh art not only in Cuba, but in the Latin American context, experimenting with forms and contents.

This gave birth to a cult films, such as Memorias del Subdesarrollo (Memories of Underdevelopment), and an essential documentary movement to approache a time of changes, using the Noticiero ICAIC Latinoamericano (ICAIC Latin American News).

Then, good and bad times came, with more or less resources, but there were always expressive concerns that had place in what the actress Laura de la Uz considered 'The House of Cuban Cinema'.

"In my opinion ICAIC is a very dear thing, very important for the people who love and make films in Cuba: it is a house, our House ', told de la Uz to Prensa Latina, with regard to the anniversary.

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