Juan Carlos Tabio wins Cuban National Film Award 2014

This award is the highest recognition awarded by the first Cuban cultural institution founded after 1959, ICAIC. For the occasion, the jury was composed of directors Juan Padron, Manuel Perez Paredes and actress Daysi Granados- all National Film Award past winners-, besides the producer Evelio Delgado, the director Angel Alderete, writer Miguel Barnet and critical Film Luciano Castillo. On knowing the judges, Tabio joked. "All are my friends" The list of candidates for the National Award is drawn up from proposals from 55 entities, including 15 Provincial Film Centres, along with institutions such as the Foundation of New Latin American Cinema ( FNCL), the International School of Film and Television of San Antonio de los Baños (EICTV), the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC), the Hermanos Saiz Association (AHS), the Cuban Book Institute (ICL) and Faculty of Art Media Communication (FAMCA). Within the Cuban Institute of Cinematographic Art and Industry (ICAIC), departments exercise their vote: Cuba Cinematheque and Film Archive, Audiovisual ICAIC Animation Studios, Distribuidora Nacional Movie Directing Artistic Creation Group International Production Center Information, Office of the International Festival of Poor Cinema Office "Santiago Álvarez," Center for Information and ICAIC, among others. Also, magazines Cine Cubano , Cubanow and Temas. When questioned by the Portal on his favorite movie, Tabío answered without hesitation:

" Plaff (1988). I think it's more that has to do with me. That, and Dolly Back (1986) ". The name of Tomás Gutiérrez Alea (Titon) cannot be avoided when discussing Tabio. The film Fresa y chocolate (1993) and Guantanamera (1995) all joined forever in the history of Cuban cinema. "Before getting involved as co-director in Strawberry … , I knew a lot about the movie because I had helped Titón choose locations, do casting, Senel and I had meetings to discuss issues of the script. For me it was a big surprise to invite me to work with him. He had to have surgery and did not want to stop the film, which was already at the stage of prefilmación. I could not say no. " Although best known as a director, Tabío confesses that his real passion is the script. "I'm more interested that direction. I never liked filming, but it's part of the trade. I enjoy the act of writing a script that I know I'm going to shoot … A different thing to write for another lead. What happens is that when you write your movie, you're watching, and when you do it for someone else, you see the principal, not you. " During his career he has collaborated with the Uruguayan writer Daniel Chavarria ( Plaff ), Eliseo Alberto ( The Elephant and the Bicycle , 1994) and Gutiérrez Alea ( Guantanamera ). His relationship has been more extensive with Arturo Arango, with whom he wrote Waiting List (2000) While you're away (2003) and The Horn of Plenty (2009). This duet has received two Awards for Best Choral script at the International Festival of New Latin American Cinema (FINCL) for the films Waiting List and the cornucopia.

Tabio alleges he feels comfortable writing for four characters and in the movies, "generally, the script is made ​​between several people. The film script is not a novel, it is not literature. The only film I've done without participating in the script was Strawberry … ". To finish off this dialogue, the director confirmed his decision not to shoot more, "unless something extraordinary happens. So far I have refused to film two movies that I have proposed. A feature film means a great deal of physical work, not only in Cuba, anywhere. Here it is filmed very well, there is a great team of people. I shot 15 days in Madrid 'While you're away' and found no difference in the development of production. In Cuba there is a team of first class technicians. Perhaps we have no resources for special effects and other items, but human labor, we have very good people. " This director has a long artistic career. Almost all his films were made entirely with ICAIC. And on Monday 24 March, coinciding with the 55 Anniversary of the Institute, the official presentation of 2014 National Film Award to Juan Carlos Tabio was made.

Juan Carlos Tabio: National Film Award 2014

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