New documentary on the story of the ICAIC Sound Experimentation Group

The material, which aims to recreate the history of the band-created in 1969 with the support of Alfredo Guevara, the President of the Cuban Film Institute (ICAIC in Spanish)-includes interviews with Leo Brouwer, Silvio Rodríguez, Sara González, Eduardo Ramos, Sergio Vitier, Pablo Menéndez, Noel Nicola and Pablo Milanés.

The director explained to the press that it is a movie that aims to bring together the feel of an entire generation, "the young people who lived in the 1970s and who were influenced by their time."

He announced that even though not all the testimonies are in the documentary, they will all be brought together in a text, where the declarations of all of those who were interviewed will be published. This text will come to light under the Publishing House La memoria, from Pablo de la Torriente Brau Cultural Center.

Víctor Casaus, director of the Center, who is also producing the movie, declared the institution is very interested in preserving the memory and in this sense the movie promotes knowledge in a context that is currently known by few people in depth.

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