Cubans Recall the Day their National Anthem was Sung for the First Time

The ceremony was presided over by Ricardo Alarcón, President of the Cuban Parliament, and Culture Minister Abel Prieto.

Accompanied by two emblematic groups -the Municipal Concert Band and the Bayamo Professional Choir- participants sang the original and official versions of the war march known as La Bayamesa, which became the country's National Anthem.

City historian Ludin Fonseca recalled that the piece written by independence leader Pedro (Perucho) Figueredo was interpreted for the first time when the people and the troops of Carlos Manuel de Céspedes were celebrating the city's capture – for many the main patriotic victory of the Ten-Year War (1868-1878).

He said that this victory marked the consolidation and expansion of the struggle in the beginning of the first Cuban war against the Spanish rule.

Professional artists and singing students also paid tribute to the combatants who sang this march -one of the nation's symbols- 141 years ago.

The provincial office of the Cuban Union of Writers and Artists gave Bayamo's annual prize to the museum located at the house where Céspedes, the founding father, was born; the Original de Manzanillo Orchestra; radio producers Magdalena Casate and Georgina Mendoza; and narrator Arsenio Rosales.

At the end of the ceremony, the research group of the Center of Cuban Nationality launched the first annotated edition of the book Bayamo, published 70 years ago by Jose Maceo and considered essential to know the antecedents and first events of the Ten-Year War.

Source:Cuba News Agency