Cuban Natural and Cultural Heritage available to all in the fight against COVID-19 through culture



Cuban artist and director of the Polymita Publishing House in Cuba, Julio A. Larramendi Joa, together with authors and editors of a number of books published by Polymita, have placed at the disposal of UNESCO, through its Regional Office for Culture in Latin America and the Caribbean, a group of books on Cuban natural and cultural heritage, so they can be made available online, free of charge to view, to readers in Cuba and the world.

This initiative falls within the scope of all the actions Cuba is doing in the fight against the effects of COVID-19 through culture.

The 16 works include texts and beautiful images of World Heritage sites such as Old Havana, Trinidad and the Alejandro de Humboldt National Park; the first eight townships founded in Cuba and the city of Matanzas; biodiversity; works of the outstanding Cuban visual artist Servando Cabrera Moreno; the wonders of Cuban architecture and archaeology; as well as a tour of photographs and posters –graphic design and visual arts— from different periods of the Caribbean country’s history.

Some of the authors and collaborators involved in these works are:

– Zoila Lapique Becali, Fellow of the Cuban Academy of History , winner of the National Social Sciences Award in 2002 and Cultural Research Award in 2010;
– Alicia García Santana, Fellow of the Cuban Academy of History, winner of the National Research Award of the Academy of Sciences of Cuba and the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation scholarship;
– Rafael Acosta de Arriba, winner of the Ministry of Culture Annual Research Award in 1994, 2010, 2012 and 2014, and the Guy Pérez Cisneros National Art Critic Award in 2011.
– José Espinosa and Hiram González, winners of the Carlos J. Finlay Order and the Academia and Felipe Poey Awards;

– Julio Larramendi, winner of the Academia and Felipe Poey Award and the Lifetime Achievement Award of the Cuban Association of Social Communicators (ACCS);
– José “Pepe” Menéndez, National Design Award, 2018;
– Silvana Garriga, National Edition Award, 2010;
– Armando Rangel Rivero, Nicasio Viña Dávila, Gerardo Begué-Quiala, Chip Cooper, Rosemary Rodríguez Cruz, Nydia Peñalver Díaz, Claudia González, José Antonio Martínez Coronado, Damián Viñuela and an important group of scientists and researchers participating in the collective works.

“The Polymita Publishing House, with the enthusiastic consensus of its authors and collaborators, has decided to place at the disposal of our people, and in general, all those who may be interested, the pdfs of several recently produced works.” Julio Larramendi

Larramendi indicated in the message addressed to the UNESCO Regional Office for Culture, together with the publications generously donated for the enjoyment of the general public.

The UNESCO Regional Office expresses its appreciation to Julio A. Larramendi Joa and to the other authors of these works, and takes great pleasure in publishing them.

To access all these works, please use this link

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