Ran Kan Kan + Alma del Tambor, Saturday 28 March 2020, Oxford


Alma de Tambor (Soul of the drum) is a female percussion and vocals project under the creative directorship of the Gerardo de Armas Sarria. The group is dedicated to performing a repertoire from the rumba, Yoruba and palo traditions, expressing the essence of Cuba’s African rhythms. Alma de Tambor pushes the boundaries of genres and instruments formerly played only by male musicians, following in the footsteps of female orchestras in Cuba such as Anacaona and Obini Bata. Their playing will entice you to the dance floor.

Gerardo de Armas Sarria is an accomplished percussionist and singer who has lived and breathed Afro-Cuban music, and rumba in particular, since birth. He sang with the world-renowned Grammy winners Yoruba Andabo, at major venues and festivals in Cuba and internationally. He is the founder and leader of the band Gerardo y su Rumba Aché, based in London, performing authentic Cuban rumba (yambú, guaguancó, columbia) as well as a wide range of Afro-Cuban genres at venues including the Royal Opera Hall, and the Jazz Cafe.

The evening starts shortly after 8pm with a Cuban salsa class led by the infectious and talented Cuban dancer and teacher, Ariel Rios, who will get you in the mood to shake your stuff Cuban-style, and keep it caliente on the dance floor, spinning tasty Latin and salsa tunes through to midnight.

Ran Kan Kan conjure the foot-tapping music of the golden years of Cuban big bands.  With virtuoso percussion, keyboards, bass and tres (Cuban guitar), lavish brass and woodwind, and vocals led by Melisa Akdogan and Karla Peña, this 20-piece Oxford based band play syncopated mambos, rumba and son montuno classics made famous by Buena Vista Social Club for you to dance to.

Saturday 28 March 2020.

Venue The Old Firestation, Oxford.

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