2016 Henry Hope Reed Award for Dr. Eusebio Leal Spengler

Michael Lykoudis, dean of the School of Architecture Faculty from the University of Notre Dame, expressed that ""Eusebio Leal's work in Havana has not only helped to save what is one of the most stunningly beautiful cities in the world, and in particular the western hemisphere, but also by example, it has highlighted the importance of an architectural and urban culture that maintains a spirit of conservation and investment as opposed to consumption and waste".

On his part, Richard Driehaus, president of the homonymous foundation that encourages this prize, praised "his tireless and strategic efforts to protect the cultural heritage of the Cuban people which are an inspiration to all of us with a passion for historic preservation. His work has ensured that Havana will be a source of inspiration for all of us in perpetuity."

The University of Notre Dame, in United States, confers the 2016 Henry Hope Reed Award to personalities who have promoted architecture classic traditions and related arts with the aim to educate the people in the greatness and the value of the design of monuments and patrimonial buildings.

The acknowledgement, which started in 2005, recognizes annually an individual working outside the practice of architecture and who has supported the cultivation of the traditional city, its architecture and art through writing, planning or promotion. It consists of a bronze medal with a bas-relief cameo of Henry Hope Reed surrounded by laurels, designed by P.E. Guerin, the oldest decorative hardware firm in the United States and which produces the medal for each year's laureate.

Henry Hope Reed (1915-2013) was a notable defender of classic architecture. He graduated in History at the Harvard University and also studied Decorative Arts at the École du Louvre of Paris. His published his first critics work in 1952 and after several books in favor of the preservation of classic architecture in New York in the 1960s he was appointed first curator of Central Park and of this US city's parks.

He was the foremost spokesman for the cause of tradition in civic design in that country and a high exponent of public education about the keys to grandeur in the design of monuments and institutional buildings in the United States. In 1968 he co-founded Classical America, the pioneering organization that promoted the current resurgence of the grand tradition in American design.

The awarding ceremony, convened by the Richard H. Driehaus Foundation, will be held in Chicago, Illinois on March 19.

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