482 couples try for world record Rueda de Casino dance in Havana

Watch it here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AZZ_xbAHw64

482 couples participated in an attempt to beat the record for salsa dancers dancing in the Rueda de Casino (salsa wheel) style for the longest time 14 minutes and 58 seconds, which needs yet to be approved by members of the Guinness World Record committee.

The group also tried to achieve the biggest rueda de casino but did not achieve it because the record was 1102 people which happened last year in Greece for dancing salsa in this style.

On that occasion they danced non-stop for 7 mins 16 s so the event in Cuba which took place on the emblematic Malecon seafront avenue in the Cuban capital aspires to beat the record in time.

The couples danced to four well known Cuban salsa songs 'Somos Differentes' by Juan Formell and Los Van Van, 'Baila en Cuba' by Manolito Simonet, 'Somos Latinos' by Adalberto Alvarez, and 'Me Dicen Cuba', a track made popular by Alexander Abreu and Havana D'Primera in recent months.

According to the organisers amongst the participants there are 400 foreigners from 17 different countries, the initiative had been promoted by the cultural tourism agency Paradiso.

Furthermore, it is part of the programme of celebration for the 10th anniversary of 'Baila en Cuba' (Dance in Cuba), world meeting of dancers and academies of casino and salsa, which took place 22-27 November, dedicated to mambo, the island's rhythm which had its golden age in the 50s.

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