Santiago de Cuba carnival hopes for National Cultural Heritage status

The traditional festivities will take place from July 20 to 27 and will flood areas and fairs with the participation of congas, carnival parades and other centenary groups, presenting popular culture.

One of the attractions this year will be the return of the floats and the competition between carnival floats to the La Alameda avenue, which leads to the bay and the newly renovated area Paseo Marítimo, which one of the most important regeneration works carried out for the city's 500th anniversary.

As usual, the festivities-with a total of 58 areas, 18 for dancing-will be preceded by the children and the aquatic carnivals presenting the continuity of these artistic expressions among the youngsters and the presence of the sea in the city's life, respectively.

City authorities reported on the progress in the massive regeneration of the city project to the National Council of Cultural Heritage presenting carnival as one of those valuable spiritual and material treasures of the country.

The ceremony will take place at the Carnival Museum, located on Heredia street, thus recognizing a three and a half centuries legacy, renewed in modern times and made an attraction for Cubans from other countries and visitors from the most diverse parts of the world.

original report on Cubarte