A new space for Electronic Music to open in Cuba

According to Reinier Torres, director of Espacio para la Música Electrónica (Space for Electronic Music) this new option is born from the need of a young public and the urban artists linked to the proposal to make it into a project where all the related cultural forms come together.In this way, he said, the project opens its doors not only to DJs, DJ producers, but also to graffiti artists, breakdancers, amongst other urban artists.

Torres commented also that the Espacio para la Cultura Electronica – with the support of the Hermanos Saiz Association and the Laboratorio Nacional de Música Electroacústica (National Laboratory of Electroacoustic Music) – also will try to put into the hands of the youngest people the necessary tools of the art of the DJ.

In the same way, Ryan Alfonso Olivera, the director of the space, explained that this space will take place every Friday and Saturday at Balneario Universitario where they will use three stages, Playa, Sala Chillout y Club.

Until now electronic music had no place to present its art, declared Ryan, unlike the Cuban rock scene has in the case of Maxim Rock; what is important is that now all the urban artists in the country will have a place to present themselves formally.

Adapted and translated from original report by CubaSi.cu