Rehabilitation Projects and Cultural Revival of Streets in Santiago de Cuba

Any window reveals the hurried walk of people fighting to earn their bread honestly, as well as the efforts of builders and carpenters to rehabilitate the most important facilities of this artery.

The general restoration of the Holy Church Metropolitan Basilica Cathedral of Santiago de Cuba, the Casa de la Trova, the former House of Cheese, Artex headquarters and Paradiso Agency are some of the works carried out. Architect Gisela Mayo Gómez, director of the Master Plan from the Office of the Curator of the City (OCC) said that they are working still in many historical sites.

Color studies are proposed, with a vivid range where this Caribbean city, rich in architecture, with a very decent environment can stand out. The project of urban revival begins on San Augustine Street up to Padre Pico Street. It provides the improvement and incorporation of signs identifying the entities, urban graphics, maps and posters guidelines that harmonize with the traditional culture in Santiago.

It also provides for the treatment of facades, carpentry, painting and masonry, according to Hortensia Estrada Sabouri architect, specialist from the Master Plan.

It is important to recognize the social impact works available to the artery, which are already completed (Casa de la Cultura Josue Pais Garcia, known as the Student House, the Music Center, the Casa de la Trova and the Centre Coffee Interpretation) and those that will continue being restored due to their magnitude and complexity.

Calle Heredia has a strong historical and cultural vocation. There the specialists not only bet on the value of the built heritage, their intention is for people know and interact with the twelve cultural institutions it houses.

"It is not only about rehabilitating cultural institutions, but to ensure that every one of them properly implement what they were created for. Every gallery, library, music center should develop an attractive plan aimed at all ages, for the people to eel involved in their culture, their city, " said Hortensia Estrada.

Heredia Street is the first street of Cuba named after a patriot, this case in tribute to the romantic poet Jose Maria Heredia, who was born there in 1803 in a colonial-style mansion.

To give such value to Santiago de Cuba's Historical Center gives a better condition to a city that works every day to improve the quality of life of its inhabitants.

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