Death of female pioneer in experimental music in Cuba is loss to Cuban culture

Lucia Huergo, one of the greatest creators of Cuban music, a pioneer of trends, who liked to carry out experiments in music, with a multifaceted, original and very sharp personal style, died in the early morning of Friday in this capital, as a result of a lung carcinoma.

Lucia (November 1951) was a skillful instrumentalist of the soprano saxophone, the flute, the clarinet, the oboe and electronic keyboards and of the world of computing and programming, an arranger, a composer and a producer. She left an indelible mark on native spirituality, while the most authentic music created in Cuba was recorded at her Lucero Records studios.Classics are her compositions "Asoyín" and "Meregguo" which appear in the 1987 album Ancestros with the group Sintesis, considered by many as a new trend of Cuban rock.With solid musical concepts, admirable rigor and creative restlessness alien to limits, a lot is owed to Lucia Huergo by many fellow musicians and Cuba's musical heritage, enriched by her as a composer and an instrumentalist and by the many other facets she cultivated as an artist and as a noble and generous human being.Among her most recent works we find the original music for the choreography "Punto Ciego," by great dancer and choreographer Rosario Cardenas, in which Lucia captured the existential concerns of human beings of these times, the risk of no longer perceiving vital matters in view of the crazy dynamics of the times, and the need to be alert in the face of reality, without dehumanizing ourselves.Irreparable is the death of Lucia Huergo, although her rich legacy will keep her alive in the most genuine identity of Cubans.

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