Young Filmmakers Festival stress need for a law to protect local film production

"We are the Film Law", said organizers of the event in a brief statement included in the last edition of the bulletin El Bisiesto.

The text stresses the need and urgency of a Film Law and extends support to the group of filmmakers that "keep demanding a real dialog with the highest institutional levels".

Since 2013, a group of filmmakers from several generations have come together and proposed a new system for Cuban audiovisual production that guarantees a legal framework in accordance with the new times.

In recent statements to Prensa Latina, ICAIC top officials have said they agree on the need for a Film Law, but it is necessary to engage lawmakers.

The issue has generated great controversy within ICAIC and triggered a heated but fruitless debate during the last congress of the National Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba.

Advocates of the legislation are inspired on similar laws in Venezuela and Ecuador, which has had great effects on national production, as well as provided legal protection for filmmakers.

original report by Prensa Latina