Renowned British actor praises Cuban version of the play Bent

Mathias is also a recognized actor, playwright and writer, who in 1997 filmed the movie Bent which earned him the Youth Award Festival in Cannes, France and Best actor Lothaire Bluteau , one of the protagonists of the film.

Also the Festival of Gijón (Spain) selected this film as the best and included it in its Official Selection. The play premiered in London in 1979, with actor Ian McKellen and the following year in New York with Richard Gere.

Mathias especially flew to Havana to appreciate the staging and said he was very pleased by the intensity and accuracy of the interpretations of the Cuban actors.

In his career, which began as an actor, he has directed numerous highly acclaimed theatre productions in London, New York, Cape Town and Sydney and since the 70s is closely linked to Ian McKellen. He has to his credit the film Colossus.

The staging in Havana becomes a cultural event, under the direction of the British Stephen Bayly and Cuban filmmaker Luis Ernesto Donas, with each showing full and performed by young actors mostly.

An exceptional performance was Yasel Rivero, in the role of Horst, also well acted by yoset Bridges and well supported by Juan Miguel Valero, Luis Manuel Alvarez, veteran Carlos Pérez Peña, Jaime Jiménez, Raúl Bravo, Omar Duran, Reinier Hernandez Yoelbis Leuven, Yeni Soria, Jennifer Knight, Alejandro González, Yasmani Guerrero, Ramirez and Carlos E. Jarlys Estevez.

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