Omega 3, the new Cuban science fiction film

Omega 3, written and directed by Eduardo, digs into several specific topics such as intolerance, imposition, and tyranny in societies. At the same time, it brings to light all sorts of coercion mechanisms employed by human beings.

The film, which has been classified as science fiction, fits in a movie-making trend that is currently very popular among various young filmmakers. This trend attempts to revitalize worn-out genres by presenting them in familiar scenarios for the spectators, thus increasing acceptance by the public. Juan de los muertos, for example, is a Cuban-style zombies film, conceived with great imagination.

Eduardo del Llano, author of successful short films on Cuban reality, has made incursions in fiction before. However, he states that when the time arrives to create, he feels more comfortable working with the script and the dialogs, given that he comes from the world of literature. In fact, Omega 3 is based on a story of the same name written by del Llano.

Elements that stand out in the film include art design, by Jorge R. Zarza; costume design, by Vladimir Cuenca: photography, in charge of José Manuel Riera; and sound track, by Osvaldo Montes. Actors Carlos Gonzalvo, Héctor Noas, and Dailenys Fuentes were entrusted with the leading roles.

The film resorts to animation to present certain segments that would have been impossible to show otherwise. In the process, the utilization of that technique brings a dose of charm to Omega 3.

Like so many others, Eduardo del Llano has wanted to "open up to genre movies." Being a declared science fiction lover, he has presented this film with the purpose of showing that this class of movies can also be done in Cuba.

Omega 3 was premiered at the Cinemateca de Cuba and will subsequently be presented in a special circuit of film theaters across the country.

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