Bobby Carcasses receives the 2012 Cuban National Music Award

The event took place at café Miramar in Havana, and the famous jazz musician thanked the jury for his election in a country where there are so many musicians worthy of the Award.

Carcasses, who is 75 years old, received the award from Abel Acosta, vice minister of Culture, and a painting by the artist Alberto Lezcay given by Orlando Vistel, president of the Cuban Music Institute.

Digna Guerra, president of the jury, pointed pout that this ward recognizes the artistic career of Carcasses, who is a distinguished exponent of the Cuban jazz and culture in general.

His work has been not only in music, but he has also make incursions in areas like teaching, painting and poetry.

Born in Jamaica, Carcasses is founder of one of the most important events defending jazz in the world: Jazz Plaza Festival. He created it with other important personalities within the music view of the island.

Among his compositions we find "El amor llegará con el tiempo", "Como pompas de jabón", "Son de Cuba a Puerto Rico" and "Blues Guanguancó".

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