Strawberry & Chocolate´s Screenwriter Discounts Idea of Sequel

Paz, who was also the screenwriter for Una novia para David (A Girlfriend for David) admitted that many producers are urging a reunion between the main characters from Fresa y Chocolate, Diego and David, but he refused the idea of doing it just for the sake of doing it, without a valid hook.

"I dont write by subject, but on the basis of characters, and that story is a continuation of previous work that eventually brought me to Diego, for example. I believe in the spontaneity of characters and they are what bring me the subject," said Paz.

Fresa y Chocolate was based on a story written by Paz, titled "The Forest, The Wolf, and the New Man," which he transformed into the screenplay later filmed by Tomas Gutierrez Alea and Juan Carlos Tabio.

The film revolutionized Cuban filmmaking and Cuban society for its manner of defending the unusual, as it told the story of a friendship between a young man full of prejudice (David) and a mature homosexual (Diego).

"Its a story that has to do with a lot of people I know and comes from my personal experience, from friendships, from my era, and from participating in a process with virtues and defects," said Paz.

Paz is currently working on a book of stories and a novel, but declined to offer a preview, because as Gutierrez Alea used to say: "never talk about the movie, because it will seem worse than it is."

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