Anti-Cuban Groups Protest Pablo Milanes' Concert in Miami

However, County Mayor Carlos Jiménez said that he has no legal authority to intervene because the county does not manage the arena's operations.

Meanwhile, Hugo Cancio, concert promoter, told the Associated Press that the show will go on.

Hardline groups have stepped up efforts to get President Barack Obama to halt cultural exchanges with the island, including events such as Milanes' concert. Milanes is one of Cuba's most famous musicians, one of the founders of the folk music known as Nueva Trova.

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Rep. David Rivera of Cuban origin, the same man who tries to route significant changes in the Cuban Adjustment Act that could be particularly harmful to recent groups of Cuban immigrants in the U.S., is also the man who is trying to hinder Pablo Milanés' concert in Miami.

Most international headlines on the subject suggest that Milanés has sowed discord in Miami and has divided the Cuban community. However, those thinking that way are perhaps misunderstanding the situation because they are between much ado about nothing.

The truth is that only the Miami extreme right, a meager core, is the only one screaming and threatening. But, who if not these Cuban immigrants in South Florida have been the buyers of the locations in the stadium AAA (American Airlines Arena), with prices between $ 59.95 and $ 219.85 USD?

Those who will crowd the basketball arena will be the ones who attended the live concerts of Cándido Fabré, Buena Fé, and Charanga Habanera, among other figures who have performed here as part of the cultural exchange between the two nations promoted by Barack Obama.

They pretend to show the Cuban emigration as equally divided. Nonetheless, a good percent have arrived on American soil since 1990 and, therefore, they have little resemblance with that first wave, composed of Batista's henchmen, bourgeois, landlords, landowners, mortal enemies of the new system advocating for peace and friendship.

Recent Cuban immigrants to the U.S. do not manifest visceral hate to Cuba. Most of them are young people whose motivations to leave our country were primarily comfort and better life conditions, and so forth; therefore, to say Pablito has divided Cuban exile is an gross manipulation.

It is also true that there is a small group, most of them old people, making noise. These people crushed Juanes' Cds on 8th Street due to the concert performed by the Colombian singer in Havana.

Despite the extreme right irritation, the concert scheduled for August 27th will take place. It was confirmed by promoter Hugo Cancio who also stated that the winner of two Grammy Awards will begin his performance in Washington DC on August 26th and will end in Puerto Rico, on September 17th.

Cancio has announced possible legal action against activists who seek to boycott the show in Florida and states that "the tenacity and commitment of these men are admirable. I am moved by their passion, but there will be no cancellation of the concert. Pablo comes to Miami to sing to his Cuban brothers, but also his hundreds of thousands of followers throughout Latin America.''

Some, supposedly trying to help the author of Yolanda, argue that Pablo has "evolved" very much and his ideas are common with that of the opposition. However, although Milan have made public criticism of the Cuban reality, we have never been listened to him denying beliefs that moved him to sing songs like "Amo esta isla", "Yo me quedo con todas estas cosas, pequeñas, silenciosas, con esas yo me quedo."