Jorge Perugorria to play Hemingway in 2010

The project was presented in the Havana film Festival that has just finished. It looks as if the gay intellectual in the 1994 Cuban film "Fresa y chocolate" (Strawberry and Chocolate) were prepared now to play a character who he looks like.

Although he will devote the first months of 2010 to his first work's post-production, the feature film Afinidades, filmed with his partner Vladimir Cruz, Pichi as his friends calls him, will shoot El Regreso de Hemingway (Hemingway's return) between September and October in Cuba.

According to Loh, the movie, written by him and featuring Cuba's Arturo Soto as director, tells the story of a Cuban (Michael Roll) who emigrates to Germany and returns to the island years later looking for his wife. But instead of finding her, he comes across Hemingway's "ghost."

Loh travelled to La Vigia Farm, where the writer lived from 1940 to 1960 and wrote his most important books, during his visit to Cuba last December.

The German producer also visits Cojimar, a little town on the Havana coast, from where Hemingway set sail with Gregorio Fuentes on board in his fishing crusades.

"It'll be a challenge for me to play a character who is a global icon", the actor said, adding that Hemingway left a mark on several generations with his "vitality and commitment."

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