Casa de las Américas taken by young art

According to event organizers, the idea is that once young artists and intellectuals can be here-and all the people that come to Casa these days-they should start creating and rethinking the current context, from the perspectives of young authors, their legitimacy, the new poetics and cultural movements, media, identity and so on.

Casa Tomada is the culmination of the 50th anniversary of Casa de las Americas and nothing better than a space dedicated to young artists as future action and faith in life to celebrate it. As Roberto Fernandez Retamar defined with "the bicycle philosophy," young artists are well prepared to continue the constant cycling of the institution.

La Casa will be then the opportunity for dialogue and creation as it has been the dream of its founder Haydee Santamaria: a platform to dream and do in our continent.

Many young Latin American artists are not known, so Casa will become, as always, a bridge between them, a place to exchange and feed back.

Although 26 years have elapsed from the first meeting of young artists, there is continuity between the two: to exchange ideas, to create, and to debate about the issues of concern to the intellectuals and society in general.

If artists born after the 1950s came in 1983, Juan Jose Dalton, Jorge Boccanera, Marilyn Bobes, Arturo Arango, Efraín Amador, Senel Paz, Raul Vallejo, and Arturo Arias…creators from 1967 to 1980s will come this time as well.

Arts shows, concerts, and literary debates of the event bear the stamp of the hybrid, such a rich mix that characterizes Latin American.

The meeting Casa Tomada is the antithesis of Cortazar´s homonym tale. Unlike the two brothers of the story-stuck to the past and then resigned to lose it-our Casa de las Americas trusts in the exploration, the things to be discovered.

And the purpose is not even to figure out the future but continue to raise questions about where we are going to. It makes the trip much more interesting.

Original article on Cubarte website