New Cuban film ‘The Returned’ being made in coastal town Gibara

‘The returned’, the second feature film by Holguin filmmaker Armando Capó and a Cuban production with the support of ICAIC (Cuban Film Industry Institute), is being shot this March in the small coastal town of Gibara.

Like ‘Agosto’, Capó’s first feature film, the film delves into processes and moments of his life and national history. And it is, at the same time, a return to his hometown, to his roots, although it is not autobiographical, but a fictional film.

“This is a work I wanted to make here; the script, which I wrote with Laura Conyedo, was set in Gibara, with the locations here, the boardwalk, the railway tunnel; and there is also the cooperation of the people with love and affection always present”, commented the director of the documentary ‘The Land of the Whale’, “a necessary tribute to the people in the history and culture of La Villa Blanca [as Gibara is known].

“I returned to Gibara to do social service when I graduated and it is about being there and realizing that you want to be an artist, even if you live in a small place regardless of everything that is around you, until the moment comes when you decide that there is no return and you leave the town, because what I want to be is not in that town or this place is not enough for me and I need to leave to achieve what I want, are stories that are shown in ‘The Returned’, he added.

The film has the young actor Julio Hervis as the protagonist, in addition to the better known actors of Cuban cinema and television Luis Alberto García, Arianna Delgado, Raquel Rey, Yeisa Hevia, Eduardo Martínez, Edel Govea, David Reys, Jazz Vila, along with Holguin actors Iliana Casanella and Elier Álvarez.

The film crew itself includes Kare Pérez as assistant director; the Colombian Nicolás Ordóñez as director of photography; Alexis Álvarez art director; and Rosa María Rodríguez is the executive producer.

This project won two grants from the ICAIC Development Fund, for Development and for Production; and is a collaboration between GatoRosafilms, Korojo Producciones, as an associate, in addition to Wajiros films in the co-production of this film by Armando Capó.

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