Silvio Rodriguez to donate funds for medical supplies for Cuba

Silvio Rodriguez

Cuban singer-songwriter Silvio Rodriguez announced in September that he would donate all the income he received from his two recent concerts in Madrid, Spain, to buy medical supplies for his country.

Prior to the concerts, Silvio was the target of a campaign in Spain, supported by the ‘patria y vida’ campaign from the US, to try to stop the concerts taking place by lobbying the Madrid mayor to declare Silvio persona non grata and to ban the concerts. This included online posters claiming the concerts had been cancelled. The concerts went ahead and the audiences defied the small demonstration outside the venue.

Silvio has also recently in October denounced the manipulation of his words taken out of context from a documentary interview with him from 5 years ago. Some anti-government protestors, with well-funded online support from outside the island, have continued to manipulate the words of well-known Cuban musicians and artists to appear to support their cause.

“In some places a fragment of that documentary is being published with this title: ‘Silvio’s message to the Cuban youth that comes out on November 15 to protest against the dictatorship.’ They are going low. That’s a lack of respect” wrote the singer on his blog Segunda Cita.

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