Cuban graphic posters Vs. Covid-19 on show

In January 2021 an exhibition of new posters responding to Covid-19, and inspired by well-known Cuban film posters, opened in Cuba in the ‘Casa’ of the Havana Film Festival. The designers were Annick Woungly, Iván Alejandro Batista, Kendrick Martínez, Javier G. Borbolla, Alejo R. Romero and Joéndez Calás.

The 14 works were presented via the social networks of CartelON Gráfica Cubana . CartelON hopes to open the gallery to the public to enjoy the works in person at a later date. The catalogue is free via their website to download at this link

CartelON – Gráfica Cubana is a project to promote silk screen design in Cuba. It organises and promotes poster contests giving continuity to the tradition of the screen-printed cultural poster in the country. It manages the printing and assembly of exhibitions. Since 2016, it has generated works of high aesthetic and artistic value, associated with recognized designers on the national scene, as well as discovering new emerging talents among young people.

Watch a video of the posters in the gallery alongside the original famous Cuban posters that inspired them here