Cuban musicians nominated for Latin Grammys 2020

Changui de Guantanamo nominated for a Latin Grammy 2020

Cuban music and musicians garnered most of the nominations in the 2020 Latin Grammy’s Best Traditional Tropical Album category, announced 29 September.

Orquesta Failde joins the candidates this year with the ‘Failde con Tumbao’ album, produced under the Egrem label, while Orquesta Aragon is nominated for their ‘Icon’ album, on the Puntilla Music record label, based in the US.

Orquesta Aragon was also nominated in 2019 for participating in the ‘Cuba Linda’ album, by Dutch trumpet player Maite Hontele along with William Borrego, Roberton, Alain Perez and Osain del Monte.

Also nominated for the Traditional Tropical Album category, is the group Changüi de Guantanamo, with the production ‘Este es Nuestro Changüi’ (This is our Changüi).

Omara Portuondo is nominated for her ‘Mariposas’ album, having won the Latin Grammy Award for Musical Excellence in 2019, being only the second Cuban musician to receive that honour after Juan Formell was awarded 2013.

On Orquesta Failde’s official page, members of the group expressed their joy with this recognition of their work and sent “a hug from Matanzas to all the nominees, especially those who represent Cuba”.

Within the Best Urban Song section, the duo Gente de Zona is nominated for the ‘Muchacha’ track, made with the collaboration of Becky G and Angel Arce ‘Pututi’, under the US Sony Music label.

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