United States prohibits educational and cultural exchange with Cuban state representatives and institutions


As part of the growing aggressive wave of the administration of Donald Trump against Cuba, the United States has just adopted a new measure against another of the strategic sectors of the island. This time, the White House has banned the federal government from financing educational and cultural exchange activities with Cuban state officials and entities.

Allegedly, this prohibition seeks to prevent trafficking of persons between the two countries, according to a public memo sent to the State Department: “The United States will not provide non-humanitarian or trade-related assistance or allow officials or employees of the Government of Cuba …to participate in programs of educational and cultural exchange, for fiscal year 2020″. The new directive says that funds destined for educational and cultural exchanges for these countries are revoked until they comply with what they consider to be “the minimum standards of the Law for the Elimination of Human Trafficking or make significant efforts to comply with minimum standards”.

However, the memorandum does not prevent local and state governments from continuing to (privately) hire Cuban artists or finance various types of non-state cultural and educational exchange with Cuba. It also does not affect private entrepreneurs who may continue to take musicians who reside in Cuba to perform concerts in the US.

link to original report by Granma news site