Dayme Arocena, London 4 Oct 2019

Dayme_Arocena_by-Pablo_Dewin_Reyes_Maulin1-683x1024Drawing inspiration from the intertwining musical legacies of her native Cuba, the singer, composer and choir director Dayme Arocena carries the flame for a new generation of Cuban musicians.

Approaching jazz, soul and classical influences with an innate sense of rhythm, Daymé released her second album, Cubafonía, in early 2017.

With her home country’s rich musical traditions serving as the album’s springboard, she uses its different musical styles as the basis for each of Cubafonía’s tracks.

The album, which pulls together the Caribbean island’s different rhythms and styles, is witness to Arocena’s interconnected vision of Cuban music.

From Guantanamo’s fast-paced changüí, to the ever-present guaguancó and 1970s-style ballad – the singer pays tribute to the rich and diverse culture of her birthplace.


Queen Elizabeth Hall, Southbank Centre

Belvedere Road London SE1 8XX