Cuban National TV Award to Enrique Bonne and Clara Castillo Alcantara



Clara Inocencia Castillo Alcántara and Enrique Alberto Bonne Castillo, have received the Cuban National Television Award for their outstanding contributions to TV. The award ceremony coincided with celebrations for the 50th anniversary of the provincial channel Tele Rebelde (TR), of which they were both founders.

In the Plaza de la Revolución Antonio Maceo, in Santiago de Cuba, the award was made, which recognizes their dedication to the small screen and being role models for the new generations that today work in the channel, and Tele Turquino, which became a school for hundreds of filmmakers and journalists.

Castillo Alcántara was the first director of news, children’s and youth programming, drama, musical and sports programmess, and Enrique Bonne, after taking charge of the musical programming, also took on the responsibility of the general programming of TR, as well as directing his band for almost 20 years.

Considered the father of the pilon rhythm, and founder of the “Tambores de Enrique Bonne”, emblematic group from Santiago who played the conga and other local styles, Bonne was awarded the National Music Award in 2016.

Founders and current workers at Tele Turquino received the 55th Anniversary Cuban Institute of Radio and Television (ICRT) award, while the Small Screen Prize was awarded to Georgina Botta Díaz, Santos Díaz Cominches, Rolando Maseda Dapena, Benigno Cudeiro Guisande, Ángel Pereira Núñez, Antonio Resíllez López and Freddy Moro Bermúdez.

As the founder of television in eastern Cuba, ICRT, Cuban Television and TeleTurquino gave a Special Recognition to Jesus “Chucho” Cabrera Acosta, first director of TR, while Ernesto Matos was recognized as the first director of ICRT in the eastern region.

Waldo Ramírez, general director of Cuban Television, recalled the importance of July 22, 1968, when the first TV channel was established outside of Havana.

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