A Salsa music hug: Cuban record label promotes salsa collaboration with Puerto Rico

The Cuban record label Bis Music has produced a special collaboration between Cuba and Puerto Rico, resulting in a Latin Grammy nomination for the album by Puerto Rican producer Isidro Infante.

With the collaboration of many artists, ‘Isidro Infante presents Cuba and Puerto Rico, a salsa musical embrace’ is nominated for Best Tropical Salsa Album, with a prestigious line up of musicians.

Among the guests are top figures of Cuban popular music such as Moisés Valle (Yumurí), Mayito Rivera (former singer with Los Van Van), Haila María Mompié, Sixto Llorente (El Indio), Tania Pantoja and others from the Bis Music label.

This record is a demonstration of affection and recognition of salsa from the island of Puerto Rico, and the next project will be volume II, a tribute to Cuba with singers from Puerto Rico. It emphasises the salsa bond between the two islands.

This album contains mostly Puerto Rican and Nuyorican tracks, a term that refers to the culture of the Puerto Rican diaspora located in New York City.

In 2016 Infante travelled to Havana with the idea and the Bis Music label took over the co-production, in conjunction with the production company Corporativo Visión Musical VYT, based in the United States.

The work was recorded between Puerto Rico and Havana, while the vocals were recorded in just four days.
Infante is one of the most prestigious producers of Latin music and worked with salsa stars worldwide such as Oscar D’León, India, Tito Nieves, Willie Colón, among others.

Bis Music promotes other musical exchanges with the Caribbean nation.

The Latin Grammy Awards 2017 will be announced on November 16 during the ceremony at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, United States.

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Watch the video of track Dejame Sonar with Cuban singers Yumuri, Mayito and El Indio from the album on youtube here