13th Havana Art Biennial is postponed until 2019 due to Hurricane Irma

The communiqué says that it was necessary to make adjustments in several planned events and among them it was decided to postpone until 2019 the this major visual arts event.

According to the Ministry of Culture, Hurricane Irma caused damage to 287 cultural institutions in Cuba, and efforts are already underway to restore them constructively.

For its part, the Association of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC) said that it understands and supports the decision.

Cuban artists are convinced that Cuban cultural life, always rich and refreshing, will rise in the face of all adversities, says a statement from UNEAC.

At the same time, it mentions that members of UNEAC have taken part in the numerous artistic brigades that were deployed in all the provinces affected by the hurricane, in order to bring to the evacuated and victims a message of solidarity and spiritual encouragement.

The Hermanos Saíz Association (AHS) also joined the UNEAC statement in support of the readjustments that are forced to be made by the Ministry of Culture in its 2018 event plan, due to the recent damage by the powerful Hurricane Irma .

In these days of sadness and destruction, writers and artists have done what we do best: putting art at the service of society, sharing with Cubans who have been most affected by the hurricane, declared AHS .

Both institutions, UNEAC and AHS, denounced attempts to misrepresent the current Cuban cultural policy in social networks, and reaffirmed the dedication of artists in a social process that has defended art and culture.

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