Design ConCiencia – Design congress in Havana 7-9 June

From Latin America, specialists from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Venezuela and others such as Guatemala, Panama, Peru and Paraguay will also attend for the first time.Europe will be present with designers from Italy, the Netherlands and Turkey, the latter also debuting at these events, organized by the Superior Institute of Design (ISDI).

"The title contains a double meaning, two elements that complement each other, new ideas adapted to today's reality, with a scientific vision, in terms of development", explained Eviel Ramos, executive secretary of the congress.

In a press conference, he explained that the event has become one of the most prestigious in the region, due to the exchange it achieves between lecturers and delegates.

"Forma gives voice, generates controversy and dialogue, and at the same time achieves that unity of theory and practice, from the theoretical event to the exhibitions", he explained.

The theoretical program includes two meetings, one of them, of high relevance in the opinion of the organizers, focused on the training of professionals in this specialty, communication and the arts.

Directly linked to the central theme will be the international forum ‘Diversity and Sustainable Development', with a look at the environmental dimension of this discipline, endogenous development, anthropology and culture.

Forma 2017 – as it is also called – is also attracting several international design specialists, among them the Italian academic Elio Manzini, of the Polytechnical School of Milan, one of the most dedicated to the environmental aspect of design.

An exhibition of posters from Mexico and by design students at ISDI will also take place and there will be book presentations, among other initiatives.

Organized by the Cuban Foundation for Cultural Wealth (FCBC), the National Office of Industrial Design and the City Historian, the congress will be held in the capital's Convention Center, west of the capital.

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