'Ya No Es Antes', the people's Award winner at the Havana Film Festival, now on release in Cuba

The 92-minute film by director Lester Hamlet introduces a couple separated by emigration and 40 years later they meet in this capital and analyze their lives – the passage of time, dreams and promises.

The soundtrack has an original composition by Harold Lopez Nussa, but it also includes songs written or performed by Ignacio Villa – better known as Bola de Nieve – Juan Formell, Esther Borja, Silvio Rodríguez, Pablo Milanés and Kelvis Ochoa, among others.

Hamlet and Mijaíl Rodríguez based the film on the Cuban play by Alberto Pedro 'Weekend in Bahia', transferring the dialogue and the concerns of that original 80s work, to the cinematic language and concerns of the 21st century.

One of the most difficult things inherited from the play, was the interprtative charge, as it falls on just two actors, but Isabel Santos and Luis Alberto García not only see the performance as the exercise of assuming other lives. According to Hamlet, both built the characters of Mayra and Esteban with their own ideas, with fundamental contributions to the script, and Garcia won the Best Male Performance award for his work in this film at the festival in December.

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"The film is made for people in their fifties, for a generation that has the same dilemmas as Mayra and Esteban, but you are not aware of them yet." said director Lester Hamlet in an interview in June 2016 here

Watch a clip of the film here