UNESCO Includes Cuban Rumba in Intangible Heritage List

UNESCO sources told Prensa Latina that the meeting taking place in Addis Ababa has decided 30 November to include 'rumba' in the list, aimed at recognizing the social value of practices in communities and social groups.

The Cuban representatives dedicated the inscription to the historical leader of the Revolution, Fidel Castro, as part of the many tributes in the world after his death on November 25 at the age of 90.

UNESCO recognizes the value of rumba as an expressive style of music and dance that rests on forms of verbal communication (vocal singing and sounds) and non-verbal communication (gestures and body language).

Practiced in family circles, with neighbors and communities in festive and religious events, rumba mixes tradition and contemporaneity and promotes feelings of self-esteem and belonging among its practitioners,' stated the report that recommended the committee include rumba in the list, finally approved.

It also brings together individuals of all sexes, social class, geographical origin or religious beliefs, reinforcing social cohesion, mutual respect and favoring harmonious relationships between individuals and communities', the UNESCO report says.

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