Cuban writer Leonardo Padura and his detective Mario Conde to reach the big screen soon

People said that the novels were very "cinematographic", but when you try to take them to the movies, you realize how difficult that was, trying to get them versioning in a script," said Padura during a talk at the Embassy of Spain in this capital. "

"In just four months, four movies were filmed to complete the saga of the four novels (past perfect, winds of lent, masks and autumn landscape), it was a very hard job," said Padura.

"When I created Mario Conde, I never thought all these beautiful things would happen. Even, sometimes they ask me for it as if it were a real person", he stated.

In the film adaptation, Jorge Perugorría manages to capture the essence of that character and gives life to a spectacular Mario Conde, he said.

According to Padura, the roles are embodied in the best way posible.

The Cuban capital is a fundamental character, but the city view from the so-called periphery, from the peculiar angle of those neighborhoods, he counted.

In the script, there were scenes in Mantilla, Vibora, Vedado and Nuevo Vedado, but some locations were changed and the interiors were filmed in Tenerife, he explained.

Cuban actor Jorge Perugorría 15 years ago spoke with Padura "that would lead to that character to the movies". " All that time dreaming of the project, because although appeared several proposals before, none had materialized.

"We went very young as a reader to Mario Conde and I really enjoyed his novels because their experiences are quite common among Cubans", Perugorria said.

The production is a Spanish-Cuban- German – mostly concentrated in the eponymous novel. Later, joined other three episodes for television, taking elements from the other parts of the tetralogy.

Besides Perugorría, Enrique Molina playes as Mayor Rangel and Carlos Enrique Almirante as Sergeant Manuel Palacios, partner of police adventures of the main character in the film.

Laura Ramos embodies Tamara, count childhood sweetheart; Luis Alberto García is Carlos "El Flaco", the best friend of the wounded protagonist of war in Angola, and Aurora Basnuevo is Josefina, the mother of the latter.

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