PRESENTE! Cuban art coming to London this Autumn

¡Presente! Contemporary Art from Cuba6-29 October 2016, GX Gallery, London7 November-22 December 2016, Searcys Gallery at The Gherkin, London

The exhibition will feature over 50 new works of art, highlighting the diversity of Cuban visual artistic practice – from established artists with international recognition to emerging young prize winning artists. Two artists will travel to the UK for the opening and to participate in a programme of public talks and educational activities in London and other cities.

Presente! has two goals. First it will give artists from Cuba a rare opportunity to display their work in Europe. And, second, the surplus from any sales of the art will fund much needed supplies and materials for Cuba's art schools. Both of these elements are vital aspects of this project as long as the US blockade remains firmly in place.

Meet Adislén

Adislén Reyes Pino is one of the artists to feature in Presente! and will be coming to the UK for the show. She has been described as ‘a smart young feminist influenced by contemporary media culture'. Although graduating from Havana's prestigious Instituto Superior de Arte as recently as 2010, Adislén has already exhibited extensively in Havana and also beyond – in Washington DC, Boston, Taipei and Madrid. She teaches today at the San Alejandro Academy of Art in Havana. You can support this project by helping to raise funds to stage the exhibition and bring Adislén to Britain.

Contributions for Presente! can be made online at or by cheque made payable to Music Fund for Cuba, to MFFC c/o CSC, Unite, 33-37 Moreland Street, London EC1V 8BB. For more information contact the organisers at

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