Claustrofobia project: e-books and new app in Cuba

Among the most important actions will be the presentation of the digital magazine La Estantería, books of Ediciones Claustrofobias publishing house and the promotion of Cuban books and authors.

Claustrofobias Promociones Literarias is presently working in the celebration of the centenary of the birth of Cuban author José Soler Puig, preparing two of his books, posters and other promotional materials.

As explained founder Yunier to Cubarte, they work for two Cuban communities, the traditional and the virtual one. With the extension of wifi networks, it is essential to look at this different audience, therefore the need to generate content from books and culture.

He commented that with these objectives Claustrofobias went to the University of Oriente in Santiago de Cuba during the University Festival of the Book and Reading last November, where they shared free digital books and sold books of interest to the university community.

During that Festival, they interacted with students and professors and talked about the Cuban publishing world and digital pages. Claustrofobias presented and shared the application La estantería app for ANDROID cellphones which is now linked with the other supports. This app will enable books to be accessed in the whole country. From these exchanges they signed a working agreement with the University of Oriente to link working strategies that make it possible to promote Cuban culture and to enrich the spiritual life of students and workers of this university.

Other recent news of the project is the web page and a channel in Cubarte, the Portal of the Cuban Culture.

Now, he said, we are closer to Cubans from the same national nets and domains and will be more easily accessed from the intranet. He finally commented: La Estantería radio program has been prime time broadcasted from December 1. After the summer, the provincial radio station CMKC Radio Revolución decided that the program would be broadcast during prime time. The radio magazine that brings listeners closer to Cuban authors and books will keep informing listeners and soon will be released a CD with the first season that could be downloaded from internet.

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