Sony Music and Cuba recording company sign contracts

This legal fact without precedent in history of Cuban discography took place with the participation of Edgar Berger, International President of Sony Music, Afo Verde, President of Sony Music for Latin America, Spain and Portugal, and Mario Escalona, EGREM Director General.

The agreements cover phonographic and audiovisual productions uninterruptedly conducted since the 1960s, making up the largest catalog treasured in the Caribbean nation.

About 30 thousand songs generated during this period will be processed and prepared for circulation in many different and advanced formats of digital era, in order to expand that mythical repertoire all over the world.

Thus, the work of artists like Bola de Nieve, Elena Burke, Ibrahim Ferrer, Compay Segundo, Celina González, César Portillo de la Luz and Guillermo Rubalcaba, just to name a few, will be spread and distributed through the various channels Sony Music Entertainment has.Groups like Aragon Orchestra, Irakere and Los Van Van, including the album "Fantasy ¨, a tribute to Juan Formell-, are part of this prolific collaborative project .

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