CELAC Ministers of Culture Approve in Cuba a new Cultural Plan of Action

The plan defines a set of activities with responsible countries and others which show solidarity, responsible for collaborating in the development of the same task, sets specific objectives and dates for their compliance with a deadline by 2020.

The actions involve four areas of work: social and cultural development; cultural industries, creative economy and innovation; protection and preservation of cultural heritage and diversity of cultural expressions.

Representatives of 33 countries of the Celac agreed to promote the exercise of individual and collective cultural rights of the population and social development of peoples.

Also, they proposed activities to identify mechanisms of cultural cooperation on the promotion and dissemination of industry and innovation with the main objective of eradicating poverty and reducing social inequalities.

Another purpose stated in the plan is to promote the fight against illicit trafficking of cultural property and the protection and preservation of tangible and intangible cultural heritage of peoples, and to promote the recognition and appreciation of the diversity of cultural expressions.

For the first time, representatives of Celac approve an action plan that designates specific responsibilities and events as conferences, seminars, forums, exchanges, congresses, development platforms, among others, taking into account national, bilateral and regional projects.

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