Leading female star in Cuban film Conducta dies in Havana

Born in Havana on October 4, 1951, one of her most valued performance recently was the character of teacher Carmela in the award-winning film Conducta, by Ernesto Daranas.

The laurels she earned by Carmela include the Best Actress Award, granted by The Havana Film Festival New York in 2014.

Alina was very versatile, both in theater as in the cinema and television and her work, as her performance in the film Maria Antonia, by Sergio Giral-, are milestones in the universe of the performances on the island.

On several occasions this exceptional actress stated having no preference for any character but her professional dream has always been to do good things.

"I do not have anything specific I want, not even a character, but I'm interested in roles that say things, that have something interesting to say, that make people to think, that moves them, a good script, something the not always happens, "she told reporters once.

Alina's death is a great loss to the Cuban culture.

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