First Videogame Tournament in Cuba

The renovated Casablanca Multiplex Cinema Cultural Centre's Platinum Hall, in this World Cultural Heritage city, welcomes 80 contenders and a crowd of fans of this electronic sports.

Roberto Fabelo, assistant director of Computerization at the Youth Computing Club in Camagüey, told Prensa Latina that Dota 2 is called by some experts "21st century chess".

In every battle of this first Tournament (sponsored by the Youth Computing Club), the games conclude with the fictional destruction of Ancient, though the opposing team has already been taken.

According to the rules, viewers are not allowed to interact with the players to warn or give any indication on the game while a game in is progress.

The Youth Computing Club recognizes Dota 2 as an e-sport for crowds, and promise to provide the necessary equipment to plan the implementation of frequent and great quality tournaments.

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