Cuban Jorge Perugorria stars as Mario Conde in new movie

Considered by many as the best Cuban actor in the last decades, Perugorria said that playing the detective/would-be writer Conde, the main character of a series of novels by Cuban Leonardo Padura, is a huge challenge for him.

After shooting in Cuba for a few months, Perugorria and the rest of the team will travel to Canary Islands for a month to finish the film.

He said that Padura has been the chronicler of a generation of Cubans, and that Conde lives and moves in the reality Cuba has experienced in the last years

Spanish superstar Antonio Banderas recently announced he will star as Mario Conde in the coming TV series ¨Havana Quartet¨ to be produced and aired by the US TV network STARZ

Perugorria won international recognition for his role as a gay in the 1993 Oscar nominee film Strawberry and Chocolate.

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