Benny More to be remembered

Among the activities scheduled we have a conference on intangible heritage as regards to dance-musical structure of the territory, taught by Msc. David Soler, and, for Saturday 22, El Guateque de Feijo event, referring to the outstanding Cuban intellectual Samuel Feijó (1914-1992) who lived in Cienfuegos for several years.

During the meeting, a group of children participating in several tenth-verse improvisation workshops will sing tunes, while artists from Santa Isabel de las Lajas municipality, Benny More's birthplace, will interpret songs immortalized by the well-known musician.

El Benny is considered one of the most important Cuban musicians. His wide reaching voice and innate capacity for musical composition placed him at a very high position on international stages where he sang. He left a vast discography: 250 recordings, which means a record for a Cuban artist of his time.

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