Watch winning entry for song dedicated to Santiago de Cuba for its 500 year celebrations

The Empresa de la Musica, the Provincial Cultural Department and the Office of Conservation of the City oversaw this competition which resulted in this winning song 'Congratulations Santiago' whose outstanding composer Jose de Jesus Llanees Alvarez, also author of 'Canto a la Caridad' was included in the award winning record "Virgen de la Esperanza" by Bismusic label. The competition was called 'Santiago 5 centuries in the heart of Cubans'.

The orchestration is by maestro Ernesto Burgos and more than 40 musicians and volcaists participated in it, representatives of the best music and culture of these times, the Provincial concert band, the Oriente Symphony Orquestra, members of Septeto Santiaguero, the Familia Valera Miranda, Moneda Nacional, Cuarteto de SAxofones, Magic Quartet, Tiburón Morales, Chencho, Vilmita, Ernesto Camacho and the rapper Maykel, amongst others. The audiovisual material is by David Hernández.