Charlie Chaplin Heir Writes Film About Changes in Cuba

Oona Chaplin, the granddaughter of renowned silent movie actor Charlie Chaplin, has taken an interest in Cuba and is currently writing a script for a film that will feature the current transformations of the island.

"I'm here now writing a script with Cuban Amarilis Pons Mesa. It is very interesting because it is a project for a film about the changes currently taking place in Cuba," said Chaplin, who is currently in Cuba to attend a film festival in honor of her grandfather.

Cuba and the United States have recently decided to normalize diplomatic relations, 54 years after Washington ended relations between the two countries amid the Cold War. Since diplomatic talks began in December, many changes have already taken place in the socialist nation including the U.S. allowing more flights to and from the island, while Cuba expanded it's wireless connection throughout the country and expanded its relationship with the European Union.

"I think great things can occur with Cuban culture. People on the outside are becoming very interested and everyone wants to come here," said the young actress. Chaplin is popular on the island for her recent role in the HBO series Game of Thrones, but she has also had roles in several Spanish and British short and feature films over the years. The Spanish-born British actress also explained to Cuban media that she has many connections with the socialist nation, since both her brother and sister were born there and she herself was conceived on the island.

"We must tell the story in Cuba through the people here who have their own style, so that this culture will remain beautiful," she said, adding that she and her co-worker will do a lot of fieldwork and research in order to integrate as much Cuban heritage as possible into the film.

Original report 19/07/15 on TelesurTV website here